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Announcement of new launch and design of The Books Machine

The Books Machine, the fastest-growing site for readers who love finding good books to read and the best free Kindle books and deals, is pleased to announce the aesthetic relaunch of its home page:

During the design process we took into account the aesthetic advice of specialists as well as the opinions of distinguished Read more...

For lovers of a good read: The Books Machine video launch

The Books Machine, your home on the Internet with the best deals and free Kindle books given away as gifts by their authors, is pleased to present members with its new video.

From the start, one of the goals of our site has been to create a special universe that allows you not only to find information about literature, which abounds on the Internet, but also to access a selection of books with the power to enrich your experience, entertain you, and wrap you in the magic of words. We wanted an experience that was not cold and impersonal, but rather makes you and the author protagonists of each story. Read more...

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