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For lovers of a good read: The Books Machine video launch

The Books Machine, your home on the Internet with the best deals and free Kindle books given away as gifts by their authors, is pleased to present members with its new video.

From the start, one of the goals of our site has been to create a special universe that allows you not only to find information about literature, which abounds on the Internet, but also to access a selection of books with the power to enrich your experience, entertain you, and wrap you in the magic of words. We wanted an experience that was not cold and impersonal, but rather makes you and the author protagonists of each story.

The response of the public has been marvelous. Eager readers of our books and shares on social networks have allowed for an expansion of our community entirely surpassing initial expectations.

To thank you for your participation in our project, we have put together this short video. If you are already a member, we hope it reminds you of your positive past experiences on the site. If you are not, we hope it inspires you to sign up for a free membership now to start enjoying the best free reads, at very low prices or even as gifts from our authors to readers. Good books to read are waiting for you!

Here is the link to become a member:

Here is the link to the video:

Thank you again for playing a part, and for sharing this incredible experience with us.

Meryl Wright
Site Administrator
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