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Announcement of new launch and design of The Books Machine

The Books Machine, the fastest-growing site for readers who love finding good readings and the best free Kindle books and deals, is pleased to announce the aesthetic relaunch of its website:

During the design process we took into account the aesthetic advice of specialists as well as the opinions of distinguished members of our community. Users of our site will continue to enjoy good books to read, but in a more welcoming, visually-striking environment.

Every day thousands of readers looking for books to read come to our site with the hope of finding a marvelous companion that can take them on a journey, transporting them as the best stories do into the imagination of their author and the world of sensations only words can provide. Readers know that here, at The Books Machine, there await them not only good books to read, deals and free Kindle books, but also something else that sets us apart as a community in the world of literature: ebooks normally only available for a fee on other sites, but offered as a unique and exclusive gift through The Books Machine.

If you are already one of our thousands of members, you are invited to look at the new design. If you are still not a member, we hope to welcome you soon so that The Books Machine can become your online home too. Thousands of the best ebooks are waiting. Sign up in one step using only your email, for free. Click here on the following link and begin to enjoy now: good books to read are waiting.

Meryl Wright
Site Administrator
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