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A Childhood Lost 
to the Armenian Genocide
Imagine being a young boy, barely fourteen, pulled from your home and forced by invaders to march with your family and neighbors across the desert. Imagine seeing the people you know and love removed, one by one, as you stand by, helpless. Imagine the atrocities committed with impunity before your eyes.
Why would you imagine that? Because it must not be forgotten.
And now there is no need to imagine; you can live it through the eyes of a survivor of the Armenian genocide.
Yet, far from a hand-wringing tale of woe, Zaven’s Destiny is filled with hope, courage, honor and compassion. Walk with young Zaven as he follows a compelling force inside of him to sacrifice personal safety and comfort and avenge his people; his family, friends and countrymen.
Bedros Margosian’s words, energized by his daughter, Liz, breathe life into a time long past and transport us into the genuine adventure that was his life. More than just a history and travelogue, Zaven’s Destiny reveals the Armenian heart and mind. It reflects the nobility of a people persecuted as the world largely ignored their plight. It is a fascinating recounting of a momentous event too often overlooked.
While this life was not what Zaven would have chosen, it was most certainly one in which he magnificently fulfilled his destiny.

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