A touching love story!


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Chord Hamilton was six years old when he first laid eyes on her. She was frail and broken, fast becoming his best friend. Sarah Sutton was from the wrong side of the tracks, which Chord never seemed to care about. By high school, their love grew into something greater. Everyone knew their love was one of a lifetime. Until she disappeared. His heart never recovered. Six long years, he searched for her. Losing all hope of ever finding her, he made the decision to move on.

Sarah Sutton was unwanted, never loved and forgotten. She moves from town to town with her mother, as her father’s memory fades with each passing day. Her first day in a new school would change her life forever. She found love and acceptance in the most unusual of places, her best friends family. Falling in love with Chord was the easiest decision she ever made, one she would always stand by. She was devastated when her mother made her leave, with no warning and no goodbye’s.

Six years later, her eyes connect with the love she left behind.??Now, will he understand why I must choose to stay? Will he destroy the life I’ve built from nothing? This is a love to last time, we just need to decide if our love is worth it all.