Will keep you entertained from beginning to end!

Daemonia is about Madeleine, or Maddy, as she is usually called, a 376-year-old enchantress, who hates being called a witch as much as she hates being called the B-word. More than thirty years ago, she disappeared on the man she loved, because she would have never forgiven herself if he had discovered her dark secret and then gotten himself killed by attempting to break the curse she was under.

When Maddy saves a high school junior from getting raped, she suddenly finds herself tossed into a world of drugs, human trafficking, fraud, and murder. With this turbulent turn of events, can she still balance her daytime job as a successful art broker with her secret nighttime persona, or will the circumstances expose her, endangering her friends and herself? And with so much at stake, will she ever be able to break the curse that always transforms her into a winged demoness at sunset?


The story is set in the same universe as the author’s Selanian Chronicles (a parallel timeline, which is why there’s no Coronavirus), but several years after the events of the series. The events take place between March 16 and March 30, 2020, in Portland, Oregon, and Ashland, a smaller town in Southern Oregon.

WARNING: This novel contains adult and LGBTQ situations, graphic violence, and scenes depicting rape and abuse, and may not be appropriate for all ages.