When the stakes are high, Keane shines brightest. Is it enough for Hannah to give him and love a chance?

HOMEHannah Thorne does not want to end up like those single mothers featured on talk shows. Which is why she signed up for a date on the Love Over Forty website. With the first touch of her toe in the water, Hannah realized dating was a pond she might want to avoid. After twenty years, the rules have changed too much. And, being single isn’t that bad. She has years??of talk show reruns to keep her company.

Knowing some things are best to be looked at, not touched, Hannah had admired Keane Barnesworth from afar for years. Everything changes when she bumps into him in the coffee shop. She ruined her shirt but gained a friend to guide her through the ins and outs of dating.

When Keane breaks the heart of the small town sweetheart, it sends both their worlds into a tailspin. Hannah knows how to date and isn’t afraid to practice what she learned. He’d prefer that she’d settle down long enough for him to show her how to make up after a fight.

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