NEW RELEASE! Victoria and Diego: A Zorro Story

Will Victoria not only heal from her physical injuries but remember
who she is and her love? And will Zorro have to give up his mask and sword from the increasing pressures he faces???

victoria and diego

The bandit and hero Zorro has long fought for the rights of his fellow pueblo residents against a dictatorial alcalde and the corrupt Spanish seat of power in Los Angeles. As his crusade has progressed a love formed between him and cantina owner Victoria Guadaramma. Together the two sweethearts consistently thwart the authorities trying to capture the bandit.

Now years later the pressure is increasing from the authorities that is preventing the two from marrying. Victoria would very much like to find a solution to this so she can convince her love to finally marry her. She sees a priest at a mission a few miles from the pueblo where she lives to get counsel on this situation. On one such trip back from one of their meetings Victoria’s wagon crashes and the injuries and impacts from her tumble result in amnesia.

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