Action-Filled Fun!

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Ted, Chris and the gang are dragged back to Mexico as El Poslero, the head of the Baja Cartel, makes a daring escape from Mexico’s highest security prison.

Ted finally gets up the nerve to propose to Maria. What happens next will take your breath away. Our crew is pitted against the world???s most wanted drug lord as the body count soars.

As they say on TV, this story was ripped from the headlines.

The tale ends with a shock you won???t see coming.

***** Five Star Review

5.0 out of 5 stars
Action-Filled Fun
ByClyde Winnstonon October 26, 2016

Shades of El Chapo–the real-life Mexican cartel leader! Much of Wallace’s novel could be snatched directly from today’s headlines.

The book is an action-packed adventure involving the search for El Posolero (Think of the Mexican dish posole), so named because he likes to murder his enemies, dispose of their flesh, and send the bones to their families. El Posolero will stop at nothing to gain control of drug trafficking in Baja California. But he doesn’t reckon with the likes of continuing series characters Ted Higuera, Cat Flaherty, Chris, et al.

A sub-plot deals with a ruthless partner in Chris’ father’s law firm trying to oust Harry’s wife and son from the firm after the father’s death.

Wallace’s plot grabs the reader’s attention and holds it from the first page to the last. It’s a fun read, filled with manly men and gorgeous women and lots of gun fights.

I must say I’m glad Penn Wallace gave me an advanced reading copy in trade for an honest review. I certainly enjoyed the book and am sure you will too.