Things get complicated when a part of your past lives on within your future…

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Kailyn North is a city girl who moves to Montana for a fresh start after a failed relationship and losing her job.

Korbin Hart embodies everything country. He’s a hard-working, bull-riding cowboy with a hardened heart who has to pick up the pieces of his broken life after losing his wife and raising his daughter by himself. After realizing he can’t do everything alone, Korbin hires Kailyn to help him run the Hart of Country Ranch.

Kailyn falls in love with Korbin and his daughter, but a tragic accident and a heart-stopping discovery resurrects the past and threatens everything.

Will the life-altering revelation force them to call it quits? Or will the love they share, and encouragement from Korbin’s daughter, help them move forward?

True love is about knowing when to let go or when to fight for it.