They say the truth will set you free??? but what if the truth ruins your life?

the mother keeper

Jenny McBride has lost her faith and her reason to live in a terrible accident in Colorado Springs, but meeting a girl in trouble in Tennessee just might turn things around.

Ellie Ryan is seventeen and determined to move to Nashville to pursue her dreams of making it as a songwriter, but an unexpected pregnancy shatters her plans and sets her on a course she never imagined.

Shawn Klein has it all. The beautiful girlfriend. The scholarship to play football at Vanderbilt after he graduates high school. At eighteen, he leads worship at his father???s prosperous megachurch. His life is perfect. So why isn???t he happy?

Everything changes when Shawn???s parents bring Ellie into their home to care for her until she gives birth. It???s the life with a real family that Ellie has always dreamed about, and the kind of future Shawn never knew he wanted, until Ellie???s past threatens to destroy everything.

When Jenny arrives in Tennessee to adopt Ellie’s baby, only one thing is certain. A baby will be born, along with a crime of passion, and a desperate struggle to bury the truth.

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