A very touching story!

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Young, newly minted veterinarian Riley Shaw meets the enigmatic quarter horse trainer, Jeremy Quinn. On her first outing as a veterinarian she and Quinn don’t seem to get along but can’t deny the “sparks” that flow between them.

Jeremy Quinn can’t believe the young pretty woman that has arrived to help his horse is the new ‘Vet” in town but can’t help feeling an attraction to her.
They both attend the opening of a new country western bar in town and the physical connection hits them both as they dance the night away. As a horse trainer, Jeremy’s top priority has always been the horses and the riders. This is his time to shine. Will he let the “Vet” get in his head or is this just a fling for him?

Riley suffered a devastating loss in her life. Can she overcome her fear and let the cowboy sweep her off her feet or will her own insecurities prevent her from believing and trusting her heart?

To complicate matters, Jeremy’s ex girlfriend is a conniving woman who want’s him back. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to make him hers.