The Swap: A Mystery

the swap

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The Swap, chosen the #1 Best London Mystery on Goodreads, is a thriller about an innocent abroad, a dangerous case of mistaken identity, and a wild ride from London to the west coast of Scotland. The story begins when Nicole Lewis, young woman living in Los Angeles, arranges a summer-long swap of her condo for a London couple???s house. She thinks it???s the perfect arrangement. She???s always dreamed of seeing the real London, not just the tourist spots. She???ll be able to accompany her husband, Brad, on his out-of-town work as a trouble-shooter for his company. It will also give her a chance to keep an eye on Brenda, Brad???s assistant, who seems to be getting a little too chummy with her boss. But things don???t turn out the way Nicole expects. She soon discovers that Freddy and Muriel Lowry, the Londoners, failed to arrive in L.A. and appear to be missing. Then people start following her and making threats, demanding information she doesn???t have. Nicole realizes she???s in serious trouble. But…..