Intrigue,romance and fun OH MY!

the midnight

Sorrowful Springs is a quaint and quirky tourist town???small town America at its best. Cobblestone streets, courtyard gardens, and the best B&B in the Ozarks. It also seems the most unlikely of places for a secret, sophisticated crime-solving group to call home, but when some of the local residents were CIA and MI-5 agents in their younger days, anything is possible!
Even murder.

Rory Wyatt, resident waitress, taxi driver, and super sleuth had expected the toughest job she???d have this summer would be changing into the vintage costumes for the Edgar Allan Poe readings at her parent???s B&B. Now, two of the townsfolk are dead! Who would want to kill a sweet, kind-hearted janitor and an elderly librarian? And why is a US Marshal lurking his tall-dark-and-handsome self around town asking questions?

Time is ticking, and as things become more and more dangerous, it???s up to ???The Midnight Social Club??? to unravel the puzzle before the killer strikes again.

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