Love, laughs, and a mystery!

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Jennifer Peterson is unlucky in love.?? All this interior designer ever wanted was a good man, two kids, and a white picket fence. But after one divorce and two failed engagements, she???s finally got it all figured out. Thanks to some serious research on the Internet, she knows what type of guy she needs to guarantee a successful relationship.

But where???s she gonna find a short, hairy mortician with ???tiny feet???? You know that saying, ???Man plans, God laughs???? Well He plays one hell of a joke on Jennifer. Clay Connors doesn???t have one qualification on her ???safe??? guy list.?? But that???s exactly why she???s with him.?? To stay ??safe.

After witnessing a client hurt an innocent child, Jennifer reports it to the police and agrees to testify. It???s the right thing to do, but sometimes the right thing isn???t easy.?? Sometimes it can get you in trouble. Sometimes it can get you on hitman???s list.

The Junkyard cowboy is special to me.?? I not only fell in love with Jennifer and Clay, but I found a soft spot in my heart for my secondary character. Pete is an ol??? cowpoke, with a big heart, big dog, and a big way with words that will keep you laughing.?? So buckle up.?? To paraphrase a famous movie line, it???s going to be a bumpy ride. Because when Jennifer Peterson and Clay Connors??? lives collide, the sparks fly and lessons are learned.?? Below are ten take-away lessons from the Junkyard Cowboy.

  • Sometimes the only thing better than a cowboy is a naked cowboy saving your life.
  • You may think you know what you want, but what you actually get might be what you really need.
  • If you live in a small town and get naked, don???t be surprised if the whole town knows about it.
  • Being a bodyguard isn???t a bad job if the body you???re guarding is blessed with curves and big blue eyes.
  • Good deeds don???t go unpunished. But doing the right thing lets you sleep at night.
  • Hemorrhoid cream isn???t just for hemorrhoids. It can also finalize a breakup.
  • Once news hits the Internet, it???s always there???just a keystroke away. The good, the bad and the humiliating.
  • What???s the worst thing a guy can say to a woman after kissing her? ???It won???t happen again.????? Because they both know that???s a lie.
  • Nothing beats a man who???ll eat your cooking, even if it???s burnt.
  • Meaner than a junkyard dog is a woman giving birth.