Flaherty strikes again!

The Chinatown MurdersGet it on Amazon!

Based on a true story.

WARNING: This book contains graphic sexual violence. Not intended for younger readers.

Someone is raping women working at message parlors in China Town. He selects his victims because they are undocumented aliens. They can???t go to the police or they risk deportation.

Now he has escalated to murder.

Who you gonna call?

Cat Flaherty.

The Man leads Catrina on a danger-fraught chase through the ancient streets of Chinatown in a race against time. Neither Catrina, nor her ex-lover, Detective Sergeant Tom Brennen, can stop the monster as the body count piles up.

With a shock ending that you???ll never predict, the latest Cartrina Flaherty Mystery is a page burner.

5 out of 5 stars

“Another great read from Pendelton C. Wallace. I find myself wishing there another book to read about these characters as soon as I finish. If you are looking for entertaining fast paced actions this is the author for you. If you haven’t read any of his work, good for you, as you can keep on going until you’ve read them all.”

5 out of 5 stars
I love Cat as a special human whom I can relate …

“This book is so fast paced, just up my alley. I love Cat as a special human whom I can relate to…..Some of the characters are so politically incorrect that one can’t help but smile. The plots are interesting and relevant and eye opening. Don’t read if you are put off by explicit sex. Read if you can appreciate a great story line.”