A perfect blend of suspense, action and murder!

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Detective Jesse Richards has been called to a crime scene that has very little physical evidence, and more importantly, no witnesses. How can this be when the murder occurred in a local hospital? Whoever the killer is, his skills are exceptional, as the case heads in the direction of the cold case files within hours of the discovery. As the lead detective, and with a record of solving every case ever handed to him, Jesse vows to also bring this killer to justice. All that???s needed is one lucky break, but when it comes the break isn???t so lucky. The description he???s given of the killer fits closely to the man who has fallen in love with his daughter. Can the killer who haunts his days and nights be the man who has captured his daughter???s heart? How can this be when the killer is rumored to be the highest contract killer in America? Jesse has no doubts when instead of being the hunter, he has become the hunted. The case has become one he may not survive.