Minor Mischief celebrates the power of innocence and the purity of a promise!

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Kids can be sweet, innocent, and mischievous. Meet five children with the power to: return loved ones from the dead; to heal, protect, and live up to a dark calling.

Home Goin’ – Everyone keeps telling little Patrick McPherson that his Nana Bee has gone to live with God. He knows it???s not true because he can still see her. To prove it, he wakes her up???right at the funeral.

The Magic in Kisses – There???s magic in a mother???s kiss, at least that???s what toddlers believe. For Alabaster and Richard Jones, that belief is flipped when their two-year-old Chloe does something unbelievable.

Breath of Life – Thirteen to a teenager is a magic number, it means you???re that much closer to being an adult. For Kya McDaniels, her thirteenth birthday is the day her powers awaken, which prove useful for getting rid of the dead man on the patio.

Pinky Swear – Delilah made a promise to her little brother Carlos, that not even death can stop her from keeping.

Practice – Darius McCray wants nothing more than to please his Papa, and the way for him to do that is to perfect his craft before the big party.

Recommended teen and young adult romance!

 	  House of Broken Hearts and DreamsFREE on Amazon!

Most everyone has hopes and dreams of a life that is secure and happy.

Ellen Flannery was no different. She dreamed of a better life, a life that would finally be secure and happy. A life where she would never have to do without life???s basic necessities again.
Her family struggled with all the harrowing misery that the Great Depression of the thirties put people and their families through. Just as she thought that things were getting better, she is struck by a life changing tragedy that impacts all her plans and the daily lives of her family. Her plans for college are no longer possible and with the help of her friend and mentor she is able to secure a job for the summer.
By the end of the summer, she is on a different path, one that eventually leads to financial security, a budding career, and the love of one of Stafford???s most eligible bachelors. Everything that she had dreamed of was at her beckon call in just a few short months. A fairy tale wedding, part of…

A story with black humour and surrealism!

the dead club ebookThe Dead Club
(teen and YA)
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An edgy, contemporary tale about death and suicide and its effects on two families. Death is a fact of life for the principle characters and especially for Marina Reed who wishes to join her loved ones at ???the dead club???, a place she and her sixth form friends obsessed about in their youth. Ultimately her mortido becomes more urgent until it takes her over the edge. The novel is in fact very much about edges: where the ultimate edge is between life and death.

What a reader says about The Dead Club: ???This book is exactly what I have come to expect and love about Kate Rigby’s work. Dark, edgy subject matter written with spiky black humour, interjected with the most brilliant, rounded and fascinating characters. The Dead Club starts with a group of young people discussing suicide, and how they would do it. The story then jumps forward to the present day, where a multitude of characters are dealing with life and death in different ways. It soon becomes apparent how Marina, one of the main characters is linked to the dead club of the past. What then transpires is a magnificent weaving of tales, past and present, and families. I particularly loved the first person poetic prose chapters from Zion’s point of view. Just brilliant. Like all Kate Rigby books, I soon cared about these people, all of them, even the less likeable ones like Jim. This latest offering from the author did not disappoint in any way. I can’t wait for more.???

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