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Alice in Deadland was released in November 2011 and quickly became an Amazon.com bestseller, selling more than 50,000 copies in its first three months. It was followed by its sequel, ???Through The Looking Glass??? and ???Off With Their Heads???, the prequel to Alice in Deadland. Now, get all three novels in the Alice in Deadland Trilogy in one single omnibus edition and immerse yourself in this bestselling adventure.

Alice in Deadland

Civilization as we know it ended more than fifteen years ago, leaving as it’s legacy barren wastelands called the Deadland and a new terror for the humans who survived- hordes of undead Biters.

Fifteen year-old Alice has spent her entire life in the Deadland, her education consisting of how best to use guns and knives in the ongoing war for survival against the Biters. One day, Alice spots a Biter disappearing into a hole in the ground and follows it, in search of fabled underground Biter bases.

What Alice discovers there propels her into an action-packed adventure that changes her life and that of all humans in the Deadland forever. An adventure where she learns the terrible conspiracy behind the ruin of humanity, the truth behind the origin of the Biters, and the prophecy the mysterious Biter Queen believes Alice is destined to fulfill.

A prophecy based on the charred remains of the last book in the Deadland- a book called Alice in Wonderland.

Through The Looking Glass: Alice in Deadland Book II

More than two years have passed since Alice followed a Biter with bunny ears down a hole, triggering events that forever changed her life and that of everyone in the Deadland. The Red Guards have been fought to a standstill; Alice has restored some measure of peace between humans and Biters; and under Alice, humans have laid the foundations of the first large, organized community since The Rising- a city called Wonderland.

That peace is shattered in a series of vicious Biter attacks and Alice finds herself shunned by the very people she helped liberate. Now she must re-enter the Deadland to unravel this new conspiracy that threatens Wonderland. Doing so will mean coming face to face with her most deadly adversary ever- the Red Queen.

Off With Their Heads: The Prequel to Alice in Deadland

A few months before Alice was born and fifteen years before the dramatic events depicted in Alice in Deadland, there was The Rising. A few days that destroyed human civilization as we know it, reducing much of the world to a radioactive wasteland teeming with hordes of undead Biters and controlled by a shadowy Central Committee.

Off With Their Heads brings to life the final harrowing days of The Rising through four shorts, each depicting events through the eyes of one pivotal character in the Alice in Deadland series. See how Dr. Protima became the Queen of the Biters; feel the pain of a young man???s sacrifice as he becomes the bunny-eared Biter whom Alice later follows down a hole; follow the rise of Chen from a conflicted young Chinese Army officer to a General in the Red Guards; and finally share in the dramatic escape of Alice???s parents from a city overrun by Biters.

Great book on time travel!

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What would you do if you found yourself cast 22 years into the future? Into a world where your home is no longer your home and you’ve been declared legally dead?

This is the situation that Daniel Fisher finds himself in at the beginning of this latest installment in The Time Bubble series. Stranded in the future, in a place where his outdated currency is worthless, things go from bad to worse for Dan very quickly. Before long he finds himself incarcerated in a secure psychiatric unit, his hopes of ever returning to the past looking bleak.

Elsewhere, Josh has unlocked the secrets of the time bubbles, and can now freely travel in time. He returns to the scene of past encounters, as well as travelling to the future to join Peter on his adventures through time. But has he been careful enough to prevent others from discovering his secrets?

This book is the third in the Time Bubble series, linking in to the spin-off novel, My Tomorrow Your Yesterday. Other spin-off novels featuring characters from the series are also available. These include Midlife Crisis and Rock Bottom.

An exciting and fun page turner!

Obsidian: Birth to VenusFREE on Amazon!

The year is 2116. Scientists understand why super-centenarians live to 100, 115, even 125 years old. But, 66 years have passed since Dr. Jai Dean was born and she doesn???t look a day over 21. And, she???s only grown stronger with age. She can see better than a bird of prey, pinpoint the vertical position of any sound, strike a target 600 meters away, and heal wounds that cut straight to the bone. For decades, she???s had no name for it, no label to define what she is, no way to understand her body or understand the power she holds. Jai lives on the run, determined to keep her family and secret safe.

Everything changes when scientists discover the??Homo sentient, a new, superior species that can siphon other people???s energy to maintain their youth. For the first time, Jai believes she???s not alone. What will she do, when new friends become family, tensions rise, and humans and sentients are bent on destroying each other?

The world is breaking. A powerful shadow force hunts her family. And, Jai is still evolving. With new skills and buried secrets, Jai???s future may be uncertain, but she knows who she is, and what she stands for.

Birth to Venus??is the first book in??THE OBSIDIAN CHRONICLES, which follow Jai as she???s haunted by her past and struggles to shape the future when??Homo sapiens??no longer rank at the top of food chain.

Jai???s story is??La Femme Nikita??meets??The Handmaid???s Tale??with an evolutionary twist. It???s a story about the future but, more than that, it???s a story about the things that never change. For Jai, family is defined by choice, not by birth or blood. Family matters, and it???s worth fighting for. This is a story that???s relevant to our divided nation today.


This book tells an excellent sci-fi fantasy story about the discovery of a new species, “Homo sentient,” that is superior to humans. The story follows Jai, a sentient who feels alone as she struggles to understand what she really is. As the story progresses, she finds out that she’s not alone, she finds solace in a motley crew of sentients, and ultimately she and her friends are forced to take sides when a rivalry brews between humans and sentients. The story is futuristic, yet unfolds with striking relevance to our currently divided nation. I liked how the sci-fi was explained through the lens of modern day science. And, the science was balanced with martial arts, romance, and friendship. If you’re looking for a new world in sci-fi fantasy with a dose of political intrigue, then I definitely recommend this book.

This is a great read with interesting characters. The writing is smooth and so beautiful that it captures each scene vividly. I can easily lose myself in the story. It is exciting and unpredictable.

The author combines many types of action (covert ops, shoot outs, and martial arts) with a suspenseful sci-fi fantasy plot, emotional side stories, and even some steamy sexy scenes, making this an exciting and fun page turner. The protagonist develops a strong sense of herself in a way that’s relatable and empowering. And, I enjoyed the author’s approach to the scientific aspects of the story. She describes how humans could be surpassed by a new superior species, but she takes a novel approach to the reaction we humans might have to it, ultimately posing important questions that are actually relevant to our nation today. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series so I joined the author’s mailing list. Sign up is on her website, where there’s also an animated video that complements her cover art. So, if you’re looking for an entertaining and though-provoking read, I highly recommend this book!


Check out the author???s writing and illustration website at www.marisavictus.com.

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Fantastic fantasy thriller!

Houdini's Last TrickFREE on Amazon!

The world’s greatest magician has just one chance to pull off an illusion that will save the lives of everyone he loves.

Harry Houdini has a talent unlike any other???and it isn’t magic. The famous illusionist has escaped death countless times because of his supernatural ability to see potential outcomes. But when a mysterious man running from a deadly pursuer seeks out the magician for help, the only outcome Houdini sees is death. Now in possession of an ancient object that brings danger to its possessors, Houdini finds himself on a chase that extends from the speakeasies of Manhattan to the grand movie palaces of 1920’s Hollywood. But a final confrontation will force Houdini to decide who can live and who must die.

Houdini’s Last Trick/??is the standalone prequel to??The Sixteen Burdens??historical fantasy series. If you like??The Night Circus,??Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, or??Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, then you’ll love Khalaf’s page-turning period-piece adventure with a fantastical twist. Named a??finalist for the Black Hills Press Summer Writing Project??(2015).

Buy Houdini’s Last Trick today to read the story that started Khalaf’s award-winning series!

Welcome to Monsterland???the scariest place on Earth.

MonsterlandGet it on Amazon!

Wyatt Baldwin’s senior year is not going well. His parents divorce, then his dad mysteriously dies. He???s not exactly comfortable with his new stepfather, Carter White, either. An ongoing debate with his best friends Melvin and Howard Drucker over which monster is superior has gotten stale. He???d much rather spend his days with beautiful and popular Jade. However, she???s dating the brash high-school quarterback Nolan, and Wyatt thinks he doesn???t stand a chance.

But everything changes when Wyatt and his friends are invited to attend the grand opening of Monsterland, a groundbreaking theme park where guests can interact with vampires in Vampire Village, be chased by werewolves on the River Run, and walk among the dead in Zombieville.

With real werewolves, vampires and zombies as the main attractions, what could possibly go wrong?

Alien invasion? Zombies? Vampires!? I don???t think so!

Zombies From SpaceGet it on Amazon!

Aria was an average 19-year-old with average problems. Average was quite realistic, until zombies landed their UFO in her backyard. If Aria wants to survive, she???ll need some help, and who better than a pirate captain, a steampunk inventor, a bazooka-wielding slayer, and a deranged Englishman who insists he is Doctor Who?

Stuck in a war between vampires and zombie-walking Weeches, Aria and her eccentric crew take a stand for mankind as they fight for their right to survive. Hey, if you have to slaughter zombies and vampires, why not enjoy it?

A Gripping Dystopian!

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All his young life, Noah has longed to see the sky he’s only heard about in stories. For over one hundred years, Noah’s people have toiled deep beneath the Earth preparing for The New Dawn ??? the historic day when they will emerge to reclaim the land stolen by a ruthless enemy.

But when Rebekah, the girl of his forbidden desire, discovers a secret their leader has been so desperate to keep, Noah suspects something is wrong. Together, they escape and begin the long climb to the surface. But nothing could prepare them for what awaits outside.

Brilliantly describes the world of magic!

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Maldene is a world of magic and science, wizards and dragons; but home also to an incredible secret. One jealously guarded by History???s most villainous being: Miro. For centuries his presence has been plaguing the nightmares of gods and men; the world is in his thrall, there is no one willing to face him.

Or perhaps there is. The young wizard Sabu, and his elven friend Eldar, lead their companions on a journey to seek a destiny foretold them by a blind gold-skinned gypsy. Fighting a three-hundred foot dragon will be but the beginning of this quest, as they journey the globe in search of answers to the mystery of Miro???s villainy, and uncover the world???s long-buried secrets. For they are destined to lead a new battle against this most ancient of evils, to gather all beneath the banner of a mysterious King and face the unfaceable.

There is just one problem: Miro is counting on their success.

An epic in itself, but this is only half of this first novel of Maldene. Read the rest of it in Maldene Volume Two, and see the dramatic conclusion that but paves the way for far more to come.

Great Book For the Open Minded!

From The Sky

FREE on Amazon!

From the Sky from best-selling author J.E. Nicassio writes the kind of close encounter that will leave readers spellbound. When high school junior, Samantha Hunter, and her father move to New Mexico, it???s a chance to leave tragedy behind and start over. However, the arrival of a dark-haired stranger changes everything. Lucien introduces Sam to the prospect of enjoying life again, and to the hidden world of aliens. But crazier than that, Lucien doesn???t feel entirely like a stranger. Redemption and romance follow Sam in her new life as she works to understand the alien-human romance she???s developing???a romance that feels beyond her control. There???s something bigger happening around her, and to her, too, and this is just the beginning???. ???J. E. Nicassio packs in the action like a superhero movie??? From the Sky has all the hallmarks of a Hollywood blockbuster???ready to light up the sky like a fleet of UFOs. ???A must read! It had me from the very beginning to the last word. Every page had a plot twist and turn to make my imagination run wild.??? ???Online Book Club.org Nicassio is a freelance writer and MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Field Investigator in Pittsburgh, PA, where she resides with her mother, two sons, and German Shepherd, Ava. She loves writing and is passionate about creating stories that entertain and comes straight from the heart. Her Children???s book, Rocky (About Rockefeller Center and a tiny Christmas tree named Rocky) made the Amazon Top Ten Christmas Book List in 2016.

Nonstop action!

The End of the BeginningGet it on Amazon!

Tragedy. Death. Loss. That is all retired U.S. Air Force pararescuer Captain William Emerson has ever known. Both nature and man have controlled his life, and taken all he thought he was. Reduced to a shattered shell, William is ready to end it all when, after years of isolation, he is unexpectedly approached with a chance to begin anew. With Earth???s ecological systems nearing collapse, society finds within itself one final gamble to find its hope for a better future in the form of a new United Nations organization, called UNIRO, designed to rescue and rehabilitate the planet and its people. Swept back into the business of saving others under this new organization, William must first learn how to save himself in a new position that sees him struggle to become a leader again. As he trains and rebuilds his life within UNIRO, he finds strength through friendship, inspiration, and sheer human will, realizing he is not alone on his endeavors of recovery.

But UNIRO is not the only organization preparing to fight for change. A new sect of terrorist, formed from the inaction and corruption of an unjust system that serves only the powerful few, rises from the shadows of desperation and take matters of change into their own genocidal hands. Attack after attack begins to challenge the budding UNIRO and brings the planet closer to the brink. William is thrown back into chaos as suspicions of allegiances arise from within his own ranks and terror finds its way into the very heart of civilization???s final hope for survival.