Deadhead: A Marnie Baranuik Between The Files Story

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Marnie Baranuik has barely had time to enjoy her break from the FBI???s Preternatural Crimes Unit when her favorite hunky vampire hunter comes calling. If Kill-Notch Batten can???t oust an unruly garden invader, maybe Marnie can, but when a wayward woodland sprite takes her for a joyride, it???s more than either of them can handle. Relying on her two favorite dead guys to read her mind and do her kitchen witching instead of having her for a late-night snack, it???s time for Marnie to add a green thumb to her magical bag of tricks before her unwanted guest takes root permanently.

Fast, engaging fantasy!

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Set in a fantasy world of misty forests, icy peaks and looming castles, ‘Of Fire and Solace’ is a novelette about a young man whose world is thrown into chaos when his wife attempts to take her own life after an encounter with a strange man. Out of both vengeance and desperate love he pursues the man hoping to reverse the fate that he and his wife have been dealt. Written through the first person, the story takes the reader on the young man???s journey as he discovers the struggle it is to try to right the tragedy that has befallen him and a power he could never imagine.

From the brilliant mind of Owen Grant comes his debut novella ‘Side Effects’

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What if you had a drug with side effects so powerful that the benefits would outweigh every risk. Would you take it?

Alan loves his new job. It’s in his field, he is paid well, and he works in a gorgeous building with a girl he has had a crush on since high school, Michelle. She works at a pharmaceutical company with headquarters in the same building. Michelle is stunning and fun, but she can be flaky at times. When Alan learns that she is working with a small group to go against the big pharmaceutical company because of a specific drug, Alan is intrigued. For this reason (and a very large paycheck), Alan takes a job offer from Michelle’s boss. Not only does he get paid well, he also gets to work with Michelle and help save the world from a dangerous drug. The more Alan uncovers, though, the more questions he has about what’s going on and how much time he has.

Magician Interrupted (Career Interrupted Book 1)

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Paris is sick of being a magician, the Spell Caster. Where he comes from it just means being a paranormal-nerd. He hears about Career Worlds, sees the ads and decides he???s going to become a space marine! But first, he has to get away from the stupid Trinity pit and is declared AWOL by the Assembly who decide what magicians can and cannot do. Well, screw that!

As he breaks away he dreams of fighting ??? someone, defending his world against ??? who knows what, and body building. From the moment he breaks away from O???rah, the Spell Magnifier, and Gargoyle, the Spell Binder, Paris finds life not quite what he was expecting especially when his cat, Path, joins the marines with him. This was his time to shine but the marines seem to like his cat more than him!