Demonesse . . . Anne Rice-ish delish!

If you love a good occult, gothic, or paranormal page-turner,
the Demonesse series is for you!
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In the first episode of this gripping dark fantasy, empath Maia Kelly is the virtuous Catholic daughter of an excommunicated nun. After months of erotic fantasies, Maia awakens into her shocking new life as a seductive killer powerless to resist the moon’s calling, and no one she loves will ever be safe again. With her pious island existence shattered, she must choose between the demon that made her or going it alone in a supernatural sphere of unseen dangers she can scarcely comprehend. Either way, her nightmare has only just begun.

Gone Gorilla (Chicaghosts Book 1)

Gone Gorilla

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Mix the horror of The Relic with the humor of Midnight at the Museum and ???Imajin??? twists and turns that keep you guessing and questioning the meaning of true honor, duty, courage, and the rules of reality.

When the famous Bushman exhibit of a lowland gorilla goes missing from Chicago???s Museum of Natural History, no self-respecting Chicago police detective wants the case. So the assignment is pawned off on an ???old fart squad??? of retirees called back into service and led by the classy Aubrey Hamilton. But how does one profile a thief who has stolen a 500 lb. stuffed ape?

At first, Aubrey and her team suspect a hoax or fraternity joke???until bodies turn up inside the museum. Now the elderly sleuths must treat the case as a multiple-homicide investigation. However, the brutal nature of the attacks suggests Aubrey and her team have stumbled upon something???supernatural.

Mark Lukens at his best!


How do you hide from a psychic serial killer?

Tara has always had psychic abilities for as long as she can remember. And she’s suffered from night terrors where a shadowy man pursues her. The Shadow Man found her once before when she was sixteen years old and slaughtered her parents. And now, nine years later, he’s found her again.

The Shadow Man is killing people as he works his way closer to Tara. She can see the murders through his eyes, the clues he leaves behind, and he wants it that way. He takes things from each victim: blood, skin, and other items he needs for his bizarre ritual. But it’s all leading up to the most important and central piece of the ritual – Tara.

Tara wants to run, she wants to hide – it’s what she’s always done. But she makes a decision to fight back, to stop the Shadow Man before he kills again.