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Having walked the earth for over 2500 years, Sthenno and Euryale, the two immortal sisters of the deceased Medusa were born around 497 BC, the triplets were children of the ancient marine god Phorcys (or Phorkys) and his sister, the goddess Ceto (or Keto).

Medusa the only mortal of the trio, unwisely got seduced by Poseidon and had sex with him in Athena???s temple, this enraged Athena, she cursed Medusa then??had her killed???
So much for Medusa, but this tale chronicles the existence, romances and sexy adventures of Stheno and Euryale, portrayed in Greek Mythology as man killing monsters, hideous to behold, immortal with snakes for hair. The hideous part is untrue, so much for mythology, Stheno and her sister Euryale are both beautiful to behold and have the gift of the Chameleon, able to change their appearance in the blink of an eye. This gift is how they are able to remain undetected century after century. Just looking into a reflective surface, their eyes take on an iridescent glow they are able to change the color of their hair, eyes and the shape of their face instantly creating a “new beginning!??? One where they are charming, sexy, rich beyond belief and on a mission???

Her first ???assignment??? came right after the French Revolution, on the day she attended Napoleon and Josephine???s wedding. That night she was visited by the French serial killer known as Le Boucher des Femmes (The Butcher of Women). He was never heard from again???

We must not forget our present day antagonist the “Moon Phase Murderer” aka MPM, whose exploits have encouraged the press to nickname New York, ???Bloody Big Apple??? by kidnapping, including one of her best friends, and killing women, eluding the police and about to run head on into a “new kind of hero” or should I say heroine. One whose long intent gaze could leave you stone cold…

The Greek gods have never been more fun!

Revealing Hannah ebookRevealing Hannah: The Myth of Cassandra
Mythology & Folk Tales
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A week away from graduating and all Hannah has to do is make it across campus in high heels without falling over, turn in her senior thesis, and meet Carl, her very nice boyfriend, for dinner with his rather awful parents. A straightforward plan. What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately for her, quite a bit. The Greek gods she???d studied in school are about to put a major wrinkle in her carefully crafted future. Though the Olympians are no longer worshiped, they are immortal and need to make their way in the modern world. Apollo, god of the Sun, meets a publicist who convinces him that the time is ripe for a comeback, complete with a marketing strategy for re-branding himself. All he needs is a descendant of Cassandra???s.

Much like her ancestor, Cassandra, Hannah???s life is about to veer way off course, and the events that follow will challenge her ingenuity, her relationships, and possibly her life???

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