Real Life Possiblities Makes Great Fiction

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Banker Rhetta McCarter???s ongoing battles usually involve mortgage loans, federal lending regulations, threats of bulges on her butt, and her closet-drinking husband. But after one of her mortgage clients dies in a mysterious car accident, she stumbles upon evidence of a terrorist plot to wipe out the entire Midwest power grid. No one believes her???not the FBI, local law enforcement, or her husband. Rhetta convinces her assistant, and loan officer, Woody, a former Marine, to help her stop the attack. Problems mount and time begins running out, leaving Rhetta alone to stop the bad guys. Can she do it?

A small-town sheriff???s dark past may be the only thing that keeps his town alive???

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Jack Lamburt has a bright future as the sheriff of a quiet town. He knows the locals by name, he???s dating the bar mistress, and nobody suspects his dark secrets. When big city mafia stirs up trouble in his small town, Lamburt retaliates with swift, violent action. Now the crime syndicate is in search for answers??? and blood.

With the lives of the people he swore to protect in grave danger, Lamburt will need every weapon in his arsenal to outmaneuver the mob. Even if it means he???ll risk exposing his past.

Fatal Justice is the first book in a series of vigilante thrillers starring Sheriff Jack Lamburt. If you like gritty realism, high-tech surveillance, and no-holds-barred justice, then you???ll love John Etzil???s gripping series starter.

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A Good Horse Racing Mystery!

The Thoroughbred ConspiracyFREE on Amazon!

A sinister plot to control the Thoroughbred racing industry has hatched in the Middle East, and is destroying the equine bloodlines of Kentucky.
Is the villainous plot sounding the death knell for the horseracing industry?
Can the efforts and passions of Tucker Flannery, manager of Fairhaven Farm, and Doctor Gwendolyn Gardot, a research microbiologist with the Kentucky Equine Research Center, interpret the ravenous disturbance in time to restore the noble breed to its kingly reign? A globe-trotting story of brotherly hatred,
revenge, murder, passion, and the overwhelming love of horses.

J.K. Howe’s debut remakes the thriller genre!

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There are twenty-five elite kidnap and ransom (K&R) specialists in the world. Only one is a woman: Thea Paris. And she’s the best in the business.

Twenty years ago, a terrified young boy was abducted in the middle of the night by masked intruders while his sister watched, paralyzed with fear. Returned after a harrowing nine months with his captors, Thea’s brother has never been the same.

This life-shattering experience drove Thea to become what she is today: a world-class freedom broker. Most hostage-recovery work is done at the negotiation table, but when diplomacy fails, Thea leads Quantum Security International’s black-ops team on highly sensitive rescue missions to political hot spots around the globe.

Her childhood nightmare resurfaces when her oil magnate father, Christos Paris, is snatched from his yacht off Santorini on his sixtieth birthday, days away from the biggest deal of his career. The brutal kidnappers left the entire crew slaughtered in their wake, but strangely, there are no ransom demands, no political appeals, no prisoner release requests-just obscure and foreboding texts written in Latin sent from burner phones.

Knowing the survival window for kidnap victims is small, Thea throws herself into the most urgent and challenging rescue mission of her life-but will she be able to prevent this kidnapping from destroying her family for good?

A Fun Little Thriller

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Clare Thibodeaux was just another nurse working in the ER of a busy Panama City hospital. One chaotic night, the victim of a vicious attack is brought in by ambulance, and Clare discovers he is her brother’s best friend from their hometown. A hometown she left behind so she could bury the memories of her tragic past. She is left reeling with shock, as day after day, a series of violent attacks continue. When the police knock on her door on morning telling her the only thing they have in common is Clare, she knows her past has caught up with her. Fearing for her life, she packs a duffel bag of belongings leaving the new life she had forged for herself in Florida behind her. As a hurricane heads for landfall along the Gulf Coast, Clare joins the mass exodus of Floridians trying to get out of the path of the storm.
However, Clare???s storm is just beginning. With the help of her parents??? friends, she goes into hiding in the wooded Apostle Island area of Wisconsin. The last thing she wants is to let anyone close to her. Relationships are not on her agenda. When she finds herself pursued by a gorgeous Ojibwe FBI agent and a rugged ex-Navy Seal with a murky past, Clare doesn???t know which man she can trust with her heart or her life.

A mind-twisting police procedural

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FBI analyst Kassidy Bishop is assigned to the ???For You??? killer???s task force after a series of sadistic murders bearing the same signature arise in different parts of the country.

The homicides are both calculated and savage, occurring in different states, but bearing the same signature: the words ???for you??? scribbled at each crime scene. The case chills Kassidy, bringing back memories of her own encounter with a violent criminal five years earlier.

Kassidy???s mentor, legendary agent Talia ???The Confessor??? Crossen knows the task force assignment is Kassidy???s chance to prove to her colleagues that she belongs in the Behavior Analysis Unit. For five years, other FBI agents and profilers scoffed at Kassidy???s appointment to the BAU, believing she was only offered the position in exchange for her silence about the brutal assault that almost killed her.

The stakes rise when the task force links the killer???s signature to Kassidy. As more and more bodies turn up, Kassidy must delve into her past and the mysterious death of her twin sister, which holds the key to uncovering the killer???s identity.

The closer Kassidy comes to finding the killer, the closer she comes to a deadly confrontation that could cost her everything???including her own life.

Flaherty strikes again!

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Based on a true story.

WARNING: This book contains graphic sexual violence. Not intended for younger readers.

Someone is raping women working at message parlors in China Town. He selects his victims because they are undocumented aliens. They can???t go to the police or they risk deportation.

Now he has escalated to murder.

Who you gonna call?

Cat Flaherty.

The Man leads Catrina on a danger-fraught chase through the ancient streets of Chinatown in a race against time. Neither Catrina, nor her ex-lover, Detective Sergeant Tom Brennen, can stop the monster as the body count piles up.

With a shock ending that you???ll never predict, the latest Cartrina Flaherty Mystery is a page burner.

5 out of 5 stars

“Another great read from Pendelton C. Wallace. I find myself wishing there another book to read about these characters as soon as I finish. If you are looking for entertaining fast paced actions this is the author for you. If you haven’t read any of his work, good for you, as you can keep on going until you’ve read them all.”

5 out of 5 stars
I love Cat as a special human whom I can relate …

“This book is so fast paced, just up my alley. I love Cat as a special human whom I can relate to…..Some of the characters are so politically incorrect that one can’t help but smile. The plots are interesting and relevant and eye opening. Don’t read if you are put off by explicit sex. Read if you can appreciate a great story line.”

Contemporary noirish mystery!

Missing MonaGet it on Amazon!

Foreword Reviews 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards Finalist
2016 New York Book Festival – Runner Up

“Klingler presents his craftiest yarn to date, summoning the pulpy spirits of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. The setting of Chicago rattles from the page in lines such as, ‘The buildings held noise and exhaust fumes around me like a torture chamber.'” –Kirkus Reviews (Kirkus Recommended List)

Tommy has boomeranged back to his parents residence and a dead-end job after too many years in college. As he looks squarely at his next decade of life, his smartphone convinces him the time is ripe for a change. A gift from his grandfather provides the means, so he embarks on the path of blues artists and beatniks before him–and hits the road.

He immediately meets a damsel in hitchhiking distress who says her name is Mona. Her presence persuades him that the bright lights and dark clubs of Chicago might be his kind of town. So on a summer Saturday night they settle into a fancy hotel overlooking the beaches of Lake Michigan.

On Sunday…Mona disappears.

But she leaves behind more than a sweet memory that involves Tommy in a brand new cash flow problem he never imagined. While trying to sort out how to stay on the right side of the law and get back on the road, he meets a young criminologist who helps him, a DJ who doesn’t, and a librarian who teaches him about the city, women, and the art of the makeover. After truth and lies are stirred like a blue martini, being assaulted by a pink monkey, and witnessing a drive-by shooting that drowns a Ferrari–Tommy is desperate to help Mona.

If he can find her.

“A private investigator, a mysterious hitchhiker, dancers, gangsters, a mysterious bag that holds the unthinkable and twists and turns that will have the reader unable to put it down, Missing Mona by Joe Klingler has it all.”–San Francisco Book Review (5 of 5 stars)

Exquisitely written!

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Flight 2262 is bound for paradise, but a rogue terrorist could send it to the bottom of the ocean???

Kevin can???t wait to land in Hawaii for a romantic getaway. But when the off-duty pilot takes a glance at his GPS, he???s in for a surprise: the plane is headed to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And he???s the only one who knows it???

Expecting the worst, Kevin heads to the cockpit. Before he can take the controls, he???s got a rookie air marshal, a stewardess with a grudge, and a barricade to get through. With a storm on the way and limited fuel, Kevin must recruit the support of the frightened passengers to save the day. As long as he can survive the one person on board who won???t rest until all of them are dead???

Airliner Down is a fast-paced tech thriller that brings terror to the friendly skies. If you like pulse-pounding reads with compelling characters and chillingly real plots, then you???ll love John Etzil???s turbulent tale.

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Closer Than Yesterday (The Land’s End Series Book 3)

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Samantha Patrick’s cousin Sarah has lived with an abusive husband for thirty years. After a brutal attack she finally finds the courage to leave.
Sarah goes to Land’s End looking for safety and comfort with her family on this small, idyllic island but the horror is not over yet. Someone is stalking Sarah. Is it the abusive husband or someone else? Will Land’s End be the place where Sarah finds new life, or it will be where it ends?