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Quit Your JobGet it on Amazon!

This short read is to all the professionals and career-persons, who have spent time building other peoples’ dreams and are ready to launch their own legacy but a little perturbed as to the next steps, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, a bestselling author, an Award Winning Screenwriter, and Creative Entrepreneurs’ Vision Midwife welcomes you to the rest of your lives…

If you are tired of the 9-5 RAT RACE and you are ready to step into your destiny, this is for you. If you are exhausted of being passed over for promotion, and you truly believe you have a purpose beyond your JOB, welcome to the community???a community of fearless visionaries who have determined to live life full and leave it empty.

Quit Your Job in 90 Days is no gimmick! It will challenge you to take a hard look at how you have come thus far; it will cause you to unveil the secrets behind your current status. it will demand of you honesty but most of all, it will require your utmost commitment to your greatness.

Get ready to discover the 7 distinct steps needed to quit that job and build a profitable business empire!

A funny and sexy novel!

Thick RickGet it on Amazon!

They don’t call me Thick Rick for nothing.
I get paid to screw because I’m the best at it, and nobody is gonna stop me, especially Beth. She’s my type, and I’ve got her crawlin’ up the walls for me, but I’m drawing it out until she can’t stand it no more. If she wants to write a story about Thick Rick, she’s gonna have to work good and hard to get it.

He has 199 tally marks tattooed on his back. I have no intention of becoming number 200.
I’m only taking this story because I need the money. I don’t want anything to do with a pornstar, especially one as greasy and rude as Rick. Ever since he found out I was a virgin, he’s been doing everything he can to sleep with me. I want it, but is it worth giving it up to someone like Rick?

What starts as a simple article about the porn industry turns into something much deeper and more complicated. When Beth asks Rick to teach her about sex, he’s more than willing to dive right in. Can things between Thick Rick and Beth remain physical?

This 50,000 word novel is a standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after. All characters are over the age of eighteen and are consenting adults.

A haunting and magical journey!

the storyteller bracelet ebookThe Storyteller??s Bracelet
(fantasy – magical realism)
Get it on Amazon!

It is the late 1800s, and a shameful time in American history. The U.S. Government has mandated native tribes send their young people to Indian schools where they are stripped of their native heritage by people they think of as The Others.

Otter and Sun Song are members of The Tribe, and betrothed to be married when they turn eighteen. But when they are sent East to school, Otter, renamed Gideon, tries to adapt, while Sun Song does not, resulting in brutal attacks from the school headmaster. Gideon, thinking Sun Song has spurned him, turns for comfort to Wendy Thatcher, the daughter of a wealthy school patron, beginning a forbidden affair of the heart.

But the Spirits have different plans for Gideon and Sun Song. “You are both child and mother of The Original People,” Sun Song is told. “When it is right, you will be safe once more.” What follows is a harrowing journey through time and the Five Worlds of the Desert Southwest tribes.

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Recommended historical romance ebook!

historical romance ebook
A Nordic Knight of the Golden Fleece
(historical romance)
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Still reeling from a spurned marriage proposal and the sudden disappearance of Lady Avery Albergar, Jakob Hansen arrives in Barcelona, Spain to attend the Order of the Golden Fleece as the trusted representative of King Christian II of Denmark and Norway. He knows Avery is somewhere in Spain, but when he enters Barcelona for the first time he is surprised to find her in a funeral procession ~ for a dead husband.

Avery was hiding in the Tudor Court for years, acting as Queen Catherine’s chief lady-in-waiting. Faced with the financial disaster her estranged and deceased husband left behind, Avery realizes Jakob may be her only friend ~ unless her lies have turned him away for good.

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