Recommended reading: Seeing the World Anew

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A mother and child in danger.
A man shunned by the world.
A tear-stained letter from home.
All set off desperate searches to find safety.
In early 19th century Bohemia, Ezekiel Benzion is admired and feared as the leader of the Revengers, a band that delivers justice for their community. Between his bloody missions, he seeks peace on his farm with his family. But, because of his notoriety, “The Farm” has also become a haven for refugees fleeing the terrors of the world outside its gates. Ezekiel is used to giving orders but now he finds that no one listens to his commands.
Not his sister, who hides the truth about her marriage.
Not his brother-in-law, who disguises the return of his demons.
Not his new “brother,” afraid to leave his past behind.
Not even his wife, who suddenly has secrets from him.
Until there is a threat against a child. And a man asks for sanctuary. And Ezekiel learns how to show people the paths they could take by sharing his own struggles to find personal peace.
From the award-winning author of “You Shall Know Our Names,” comes another tale of struggles to find a path to personal peace and safety in a world that will not accept differences among people.