A very addicting short story!

For the night ebookFor the Night
(women??s fiction)Permafree! Get it on Amazon!

A rule I don???t intend to break???

They know me as Luna. We meet. We spend the night together. Then we never see each other again. That???s my rule and I???ve never been tempted to change my mind???until him.

A man who wants me to fulfill his every desire???

He meets me as Luna, unaware that he???s met me before as another. And when I realize he???s poised to take away the one thing that matters, I do what I have to do to keep what belongs to me.

A decision that could break us both???

In the secret war between me and a man who may be the one I???d spent my life searching for???will he be the one who gives into my desires???or I into his?

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