Follow Lloyd Palmer on his quest for the ultimate truth in the provocative thriller, The Genesis Files.

The Genesis Files

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Lloyd Palmer is a reporter for the Houston Ledger, a job which should have fulfilled his lifelong dream of being a journalist. But, along with being exhausted from the daily coverage of murders and mayhem in the nation???s fourth largest city, he???s hit a glass ceiling at work, and his editor, Ed Jackson, goes out of his way to make Lloyd???s life miserable.

While interviewing potential witnesses to a murder-suicide at a Houston high-rise, Lloyd meets a mysterious stranger who subsequently leads him down a path which changes his life. But Lloyd???s journey is fraught with peril, as both he and his family barely escape a hired assassin.

An award-winning series full of romance and page-turning suspense!

Forbidden MindFREE on Amazon!

She reads minds. He controls minds. Together, they might get out alive.

I’ve seen into the minds of killers and have crawled into the darkest mental corners of humanity, but even I wasn’t prepared for this.

I thought that when I turned 18 I would be released from my secret school of paranormal spies and free to follow my dreams and make my own life. That’s what we all thought. Until I met Drake.

Everything changed when I linked minds with the blond-haired boy strapped to that gurney. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined the dangerous truth behind my life.

And now time is running out. We must work together to save ourselves and everyone we love. Before it’s too late.

“…a thrilling, dark and deeply romantic read that had me sitting on the edge of my seat and eagerly awaiting the next installment.” ~ Refracted Light Young Adult Book Reviews

Winner of 2011 Forward National Literature Award

Moving and laugh-out-loud funny!

Parrot TalkFREE on Amazon!

Lucas and Grinder are more than a little surprised and confused to hear that their mother, Millie, who they haven???t heard from in over thirty years, has died. Now her best friend wants them to come to Pittsburgh to take care of their mother???s effects, chief among them being Paul.

A road trip ensues with memorable stops at a Racino, a Pittsburgh landmark greasy spoon, and finally a ride on an incline trolley to meet their mother???s friend, Janice. They are taken aback when she introduces them to Paul, an African grey parrot in the depths of grief, who has things to say that will change their lives. And so a transformative adventure begins.


Vampire Girl
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Experience the USA Today bestselling novel taking the world by storm! With over 3000 world-wide 5 star reviews,??Vampire Girl??puts a new twist on an old tale. For fans of??Twilight,??A Shade of Vampire, and??Outlander, comes a new series that will suck you in and leave you wanting more.

Amazon top 100 bestseller

Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Fantasy

“Action and mystery and the feels!! Wow!”??- Happy ???????????????

“Phenomenal and lively.”??- Sabrina ???????????????

You think it’s safe to walk alone at night. It’s not.

You think the only threat is other humans. It’s not.

Monsters are real. Demons are real. Vampires are real.

And I’m about to become one of them.

My name is Arianna Spero. I was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life, until my mother lapsed into a coma. Now, I am her only hope. She made a deal with the devil, and on my 18th birthday he came to collect. But there’s a way to save her. There’s something the princes of hell want more than my mother.


So I signed my soul away and promised to pick a prince to marry. I would take the blood oath, become one of them, and give them an heir. I would become a princess of hell, and my mother would live.

I expected fire and brimstone. I expected pain and misery. I didn’t expect beauty. I didn’t expect magic.

I didn’t expect love.

But the princes are keeping secrets from me.

Secrets that could shatter everything.

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“Karpov Kinrade’s words are magic, painting a picture in your mind that stays forever.”??- Courtney Cole, New York Times bestselling author??

A Fun Little Thriller

ExodusFREE on Amazon!

Clare Thibodeaux was just another nurse working in the ER of a busy Panama City hospital. One chaotic night, the victim of a vicious attack is brought in by ambulance, and Clare discovers he is her brother’s best friend from their hometown. A hometown she left behind so she could bury the memories of her tragic past. She is left reeling with shock, as day after day, a series of violent attacks continue. When the police knock on her door on morning telling her the only thing they have in common is Clare, she knows her past has caught up with her. Fearing for her life, she packs a duffel bag of belongings leaving the new life she had forged for herself in Florida behind her. As a hurricane heads for landfall along the Gulf Coast, Clare joins the mass exodus of Floridians trying to get out of the path of the storm.
However, Clare???s storm is just beginning. With the help of her parents??? friends, she goes into hiding in the wooded Apostle Island area of Wisconsin. The last thing she wants is to let anyone close to her. Relationships are not on her agenda. When she finds herself pursued by a gorgeous Ojibwe FBI agent and a rugged ex-Navy Seal with a murky past, Clare doesn???t know which man she can trust with her heart or her life.

A fabulous first in series!

Out of the ShadowsFREE on Amazon!

When the Allens rescue Lenore from certain torment, she???s offered a new life, a life that can save her from the underworld of crime in which she???s forced to live. The universe is keeping score, however, and Lenore isn’t the only one caught in this web of debt. Can she truly escape her past when it comes to find her or will she be drawn back into the darkness?

Homeless, orphaned, living in secret as a thief???Lenore Crowley just wants to survive, but the city of Springhaven has no sympathy for cases such as hers. She chose her path, and the consequences are hers alone. Being caught would mean certain death; her odds of survival are beginning to look bleak. When she meets the Allens, she???s offered a new life. In a world where debts and oaths carry very real weight, however, this second chance comes at a price. Lives entangle, and Lenore soon finds that her secrets aren???t so secret. Someone is looking for her, someone who knows who she really is. One wrong move and everything around her might fall.

Fans of the Parasol Protectorate and The Finishing School series by Gail Carriger, Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen by Garth Nix, and A Natural History of Dragons and the rest of the Lady Trent Memoirs series by Marie Brennan will delight as this new Victorian era reminiscent world unfolds for them. A multi-layered steampunk fantasy realm of history, subterfuge, colorful characters, potential, and lost magic and technology promises to entrance readers of all ages.

“Heartbreaking, terrifying, thought provoking.”

The Beautiful-UglyFREE on Amazon!

She???s sixteen. She???s alone. And the world thinks she???s crazy. What could possibly happen next? Well, she???s going to show them???

When sixteen-year-old Connelly Pierce wakes up inside an unknown psychiatric hospital with both her wrists slashed, she begins the arduous task of piecing together the events of her life that led her there. Her own cognitive behavioral therapy (as she had learned so well from them). Beginning with the sudden death of her mother and father when she was six, and the only world she knew disappeared, literally, overnight. That???s when, with no known or, at least, close relatives, she and her nine-year-old brother Eric find themselves cast into the nightmare quagmire of government child protection agencies, and Connelly begins her incredible fourteen-year journey???her dark odyssey???into her own brave new world. A world, she realizes, she must not only quickly adapt, but fight back as well, if she hopes to survive.

Sizzling and captivating!

Melting PointFREE on Amazon!

Award-winning novel by Nicolette Pierce. The Brennan family business had a secret. A secret that only Morgan Brennan knew. She was diligent to make sure it remained that way. She alone had followed in her father???s footsteps, knowing that if she was ever found out the repercussion would be terrible. But if she didn???t continue, the outcome would be deadly. To protect her grandfather, her sisters, and the family business, she continued, knowing that every day she stepped closer to ruin.

Liam Hayes had one mission: Infiltrate Brennan Metal Works and search for incriminating evidence. Because of his background in metal, he was the perfect choice. He thought it would be easy. Getting the grandfather to hire him was a snap. Then he met Morgan Brennan. She blocked him at every corner, making it clear he was not welcome. Quickly pegging her as the prime suspect, he made it his mission to discover her secrets.

Liam is determined to find out why Morgan is frequently called to Las Vegas and follows her, putting them both at risk. As events quickly unravel, Morgan finds her only chance of survival is to allow Liam in. But can she trust him? The only way to free themselves from the danger they face is by working together, something neither of them ever wanted.

Hacker for Hire…a real page turner!

Hacker For HireFREE on Amazon!

Hacker for Hire, a suspense novel about corporate greed and industrial espionage, is the second book in a series about Latino computer security analyst Ted Higuera and his best friend, para-legal Chris Hardwick.

The goofy, off-beat Ted Higuera, son of Mexican immigrants, grew up in East LA. An unlikely football scholarship brought him to Seattle.

Chris, Ted???s college roommate, grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father is the head of one of Seattle???s most prestigious law firms.

Ted???s first job out of college leads him into the world of organized crime where he faces a brutal beating. After being rescued by beautiful private investigator Catrina Flaherty, Ted decides to go to work for her.

Catrina is hired by a large computer corporation to find a leak in their corporate boardroom when the previous consultant is found floating in Elliot Bay.

Ted discovers that Chris???s firm has been retained by their prime suspect. Now he and Chris are working opposite sides of the same case.

Ted and Catrina are led deep into Seattle???s Hi-Tech world as they stalk the killer. But the killer is also hunting them. Can Ted find the killer before the killer finds him?

Interesting combination of buddhism and mystery!

The Devil's VialFREE on Amazon!

The threat of global warming pushes some well-organized and very powerful people to scheme something drastic and lethal. Central to their plans is a small clear vial. These plans remain undiscovered until Richard Gregg, a convert to Buddhism struggling to apply what he’s learned to a westerner’s life, and four companions stumble across the conspiracy. Chased, shot at and beat-up, Richard and his friends know these powers-that-be are willing to kill to maintain secrecy and further their goals. Somehow, the conspirators must be found, along with what they are planning and how to stop them. A deadline approaches and whatever is done has to be done quickly, so options are limited. Throughout it all, Richard wants to remain true to his beliefs – most important, in every circumstance, he must act without violence and approach everything with compassion and loving kindness. It is not at all clear he will succeed.