Recommended reading: In Good Hands

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Laney Simmons, brilliant Life Coach, wife and mother of two, should be happy and fulfilled. But…she isn’t. Her husband, Dan, though a caring and loving partner and father, is preoccupied and disconnected. She turns to massage to take care of her need for touch, and finds much more than she imagined in Shay, the sexy massage therapist from The Women’s Oasis Spa.

Laney’s often-suppressed inner mojo is released and nourished by her massages with Shay. She embarks on a mission to wake her husband from his sexless slumber.

At her request, Shay teaches Laney some massage techniques designed to ignite the fire in her marriage. But, will the methods Shay teaches her help Dan finally take an interest in the sensual woman he married, or will they drive Laney back to Shay for more of his intimate care?

Creative and captivating!

New Age RebelsGet it on Amazon!

Nations rise and fall but it’s the people who live in that time that decide whether a civilization becomes the phoenix or submits to the raven. This is a novel based on what one man can do when a culture gets so desperate after depending on a pattern that’s done nothing but lead them to stray. With ideas so radical, he is willing to tear apart the fundamentals on which the United States was founded for his ambitions. He sells the dream for a new United States that is owned and not free but is once again strong. However the president soon finds nothing happens without resistance.

Men and women of the former United States military decide to stand against the president and his corrupt agenda. Branded as rebels by a bias media and seen as traitors by the government, they quickly assemble another army from fellow soldiers and officers. With the threat of another civil war rising, a new deal is formed that would keep the country united but only as a formality. The rebels are allowed to live in selected states and uphold the old traditions as long as obligations are met by both parties.

Everything went according to plan for a brief time and the country moved after the events of The Great Division. The country moved on while everyone in the Restricted Zones kept to themselves and moved on with their own ways. Now something threatens the peace and starts a chain of destruction that is leading the country to another civil war. Certain individuals from opposite sides realize the danger and decide to act to uncover a conspiracy. United by a common belief, they must rush to save lives and a country they both love.