Recommended reading: Subway of Light

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Following an accident, Josh finds himself sat alone at the back of an empty New York subway car on a deserted station, his memory gone and with no recollection of how he arrived there.

A man approaches and introduces himself as George. George tells Josh he has been taken out of his life to partake on a journey on the train. Acting as a guide, he explains their train will make several stops and each station they visit may seem familiar to him.

Arriving at their first stop they witness a young couple meet for the first time. George tells Josh the young couple are soul mates rediscovering one another again.

The ensuing stations their train stops at follows the young couple???s life through the years as they experience courtship, marriage, tragedy and happiness.
In watching their lives unfold, Josh begins to gain awareness through George???s guidance. As his memory starts to return it is Josh himself who must decide the fate of his own final destination.