A fast paced thriller: Sow the Wind

sow the wind

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The election year of 2028 holds no great surprises. The current married, lesbian U.S. President has been a popular figure in the White House during her eight-year term. She has endorsed her Muslim Vice President to succeed her, and he is the odds-on favorite to continue the Administration???s progressive policies.

Pastor James Glazier faces other concerns than politics and the condition of the country, unaware of the dangers that Islam poses through America???s next president. His beloved wife, Janna, lies dying of cancer. His church, falling apart under his stewardship, wants him out. More critically, these and other challenges sorely test James??? faith. He???s moving toward the point of dismissing God in his life altogether.

When James joins forces with another pastor, who opens his eyes to the danger of their out-of-control federal government and the Islamicization of America, his life turns from difficult to impossible. Christian persecution rivals Nazi treatment of the Jews in the 1930s. Violence and anarchy, fostered by the government itself, are on the rise. Whether he wants to or not, James must confront this situation.

Nothing goes right for James. Then God whispers into his unwilling ears.