Intrigue and Passion Heat Up the Pages

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How far would you be willing to go for your first love?
Colin has broken every promise he’s ever made, but what hurts him the most is the harsh memory of the way he abandoned the only girl for which he’d ever truly cared. After a summer romance in Shanghai with his host family’s daughter, Feng Huang, he begged her to join him in America, only to fail her when she finally sacrificed everything for their future together.
Shanghai-born Feng Huang has spent the last six years trying to get over Colin. Now beloved by the world as a famous pop star, she’s moved on with a wealthy Chinese-American entrepreneur. When Colin appears in front of her at her boyfriend’s gala celebrating her return to Shanghai, she is overcome by both the pain and love, which still linger inside her at the mere sight of him.
Yet, nothing is as it seems, and when the sinister element, which thrust these two back into each other’s orbit, reveals itself???it will threaten more than just their second chance…