The Cult of Yex Saga – Part I: Second Cataclysm: An Epic Fantasy Series

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The words of the fourth prophecy echoed again in Cael???s mind as he stood on the edge of the sinkhole and looked down into the abyss. Today had been the most horrifyingly eventful day of his life. Not only had he witnessed his own parents murdered at the hands of an assassin from a supposedly long-dead demonic cult, but he???d also seen his beloved home town ripped apart by a massive earthquake. The words of that ancient prophecy were being fulfilled with terrifying precision.

Now in a desperate race against the demonic cult, Cael must lead his friends in the relentless struggle. In order to save the world, his friends and himself, Cael must discover that the true battle is not simply him against the cult that murdered his parents, but something much bigger???