NEW RELEASE! Sassafras and the Queen



The Sisters of Novi Dupree make the best beer on planet Kepler, and sixteen-year-old Carina, who has lived with the Sisters since her parents died, only wants a taste of sassafras. But when her increasingly lethal magic lands her in trouble, the dangerous, immortal Red-Eyed Ones come after her. Now she and her little sister (who is not a Sister) are forced to flee the only place they are safe.

Meanwhile, eighteen-year-old Vivian is the new queen of South Kepler, and thanks to an assassination attempt, she is fighting off the Immortality Virus. As her life fades, she and her bickering brothers hunt desperately for the magic they need to cure the virus. Time is not on their side.

When Vivian meets Carina, she sees an opportunity. Is this girl with too much magic someone she can trust? And can Carina trust Vivian? She’s been busy enough trying to keep her sister safe and contending with a cute, blue-eyed boy she met on the road. Queen Vivian is powerful, but the queen has also been throwing rogue magicians into South Kepler’s dungeons. How much would you sacrifice to protect yourself and the ones you love the most?