It takes Action to change your LIFE!

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This short read is to all the professionals and career-persons, who have spent time building other peoples’ dreams and are ready to launch their own legacy but a little perturbed as to the next steps, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, a bestselling author, an Award Winning Screenwriter, and Creative Entrepreneurs’ Vision Midwife welcomes you to the rest of your lives…

If you are tired of the 9-5 RAT RACE and you are ready to step into your destiny, this is for you. If you are exhausted of being passed over for promotion, and you truly believe you have a purpose beyond your JOB, welcome to the community???a community of fearless visionaries who have determined to live life full and leave it empty.

Quit Your Job in 90 Days is no gimmick! It will challenge you to take a hard look at how you have come thus far; it will cause you to unveil the secrets behind your current status. it will demand of you honesty but most of all, it will require your utmost commitment to your greatness.

Get ready to discover the 7 distinct steps needed to quit that job and build a profitable business empire!