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“Fraught with entanglements, villains, vixens, ??steamy sex, quiet romantic love and mystery … turns the old ‘boy meets girl’ model for this genre upside down.”??-??2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

“A creative, light-hearted yet riveting story that is destined to be a romantic classic.” -??Anita Lock for IndieReader

“A love story that will capture the romantic at heart while weaving thrills throughout the plot – creating one thrilling read.” -??Allbooks Review International

“… impossible to put down. Fans of romance will find themselves absolutely riveted by the story as the suspense and tension become??as unbearable as it is for Garry and Mandy.” -??Book Reviewer List

“…hated to see the story end. Wonderful work, wonderful presentation. Would I recommend this book to others? ABSOLUTELY!” -??Magic City Morning Star News??

A nurse trying to escape her past and secure her future as the adopted mother of a young boy she loves takes a well-paying job caring for a famous singer/songwriter after a car wreck nearly killed him. He refuses help, and she refuses to give up – until her perseverance rehabilitates his body, his career, and their abilities to love again.

Renowned singer/musician Garry Danzlo has decided to live a life of seclusion after a debilitating accident destroys his musical career. Guilt-ridden and stubborn, he wants no part of the holistic nurse his sister has hired to rehabilitate him.

He’s determined to get rid of her; she’s determined to stay.

Spunky, fun-loving Amanda Fields, widowed after a loveless marriage, is on a mission for love. More than anything in the world, she wants to adopt an eight-year-old, wheelchair-bound boy named Robbie. When her chance arrives that will provide her with sufficient funds for the adoption, there’s nothing to stop her from accomplishing the temporary job in Colorado.

But what she has to contend with is far more than just a difficult patient. Unexpected obstacles are suddenly out of her control. The least of her worries is falling for yet another man who doesn’t love her back.

Intriguing, fun and hope-filled, the novel explores the various facets of the heart and how we observe them in life. It portrays how love can go far deeper than skin, and it shares the importance of forgiveness to find true peace within.

NOTE: When purchasing One Chance, One Moment, 10% of proceeds will be donated to charity – providing the needs for public schools and their depleted music programs.

* NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award (Summer 2014)
* Indie Reader’s 2014 Top Indie Books (Fall 2014)
* Shelf Unbound Notable Indie Book, Romance (Winter 2014)
* Gayle Willson Award of Excellence, Contemporary Single Title Finalist (March 2015)
* eLit Silver Award for Best Romance (May 2015)