Classic and suspenseful horror

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There???s always room???

When therapist Lucas Stephen???s sister returns from a legendary Los Angeles hotel, she???s a shell of the artist she once was. Nearly catatonic, deteriorating rapidly, Michelle alarms Lucas by painting the same old-style straight razor over and over.

Heartbroken and frightened, Lucas resolves to find out what happened to her. With his beautiful???and psychic???colleague Della, Lucas travels to L.A., booking a room in the hotel Michelle stayed at.

They barely cross the threshold when Della senses evil. She sees bodies falling out of the sky. Broken dreams. Imprisoned nightmares. She begs Lucas to leave, but the hotel makes both time and truth shift, and when Lucas looks into the mirror in his sister???s room, he sees the straight razor???and is drawn to the bright, scarlet stain of fresh blood???