NEW RELEASE – The Longest Walk

Sean Cleary has decided that on New Year’s Eve, the night of his thirtieth anniversary, he no longer can go on with a marriage that seems to have lost any sense of love. At a large holiday gala, he begins walking to the woman he once adored, now waiting for him at the far end of a crowded corridor.

Along this short journey, he encounters people and events that cause him to reflect on what happened to his relationship with Stephanie, the woman who had been the love of his life. He remembers vividly the joys and the heartbreaks that they had gone through, and he confronts, as best as he can, the reasons why something so good could have ended up like this.

Anger, guilt, frustration, sadness; joy, love contentment, happiness; all meld together in his mind as he tries to sort through the last thirty years. He didn’t blame himself, but could he actually blame Stephanie? Didn’t someone have to be at fault?

The flashbacks and the memories make this short journey the longest walk of Sean’s life.