NEW RELEASE! Of Priests and Porcupines

Imagine a democratic Catholic Church run by the parishioners. Molly Winters experienced that in Massachusetts. She didn’t expect to find another such parish when she returned to Minnesota, until one found her. Since childhood, she wanted to be a priest and, in many ways, she functioned as one. Despite wondering if ordained priests would become obsolete, she prepared for ordination. She refused to be ordained until she was called by a worshipping community. A dilapidated building, tornado and a bishop who wanted priests back on their pedestals, created such a possibility.

The bishop wanted St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church closed and the parishioners merged into other parishes. He scolded them for allowing divorced Catholics to receive Communion, welcoming same sex couples and refusing to use the official 2011 translation of the prayers for worship. He knew closure was impossible. His successor suppressed the parish only to have the Catholic Community of the Apostle Mary Magdalene become a reality, and the ordination of Molly Winters a necessity.

Over the years Molly observed one of her parishioners, Amanda Donato, deteriorate after learning her parents were not her biological parents. She drowned her mother’s abandonment in alcohol. While she despaired, her brothers searched for her birth family.

After rehab Amanda is forced to join her pastor driving around Lake Superior. Molly’s priesthood had been threatened by nasty notes and stalkers who saw women priests as destroying the Catholic Church. Molly’s expectation that in leaving town she was escaping these threats was unfounded. Along the way police assist as together the women face addiction, kidnapping and car bombs; as well as beautiful foliage.

As their journey winds down, Amanda’s brothers connect their sister to her birth family.

The story begins with campaigning for Senator Paul Wellstones. As the books nears its end Amanda finds a shocking reason why Donald Trump might be elected president. She’s sure that’s an impossibility.