NEW RELEASE! A Sky Full Of Stars by Cynthia Frazier-Buck

In the small town of Star’s Haven, North Carolina, there’s always been a line between the Posh and the Common. That line is a railroad track. 

Becca Miles, a wealthy high school student with everything going for her, has a crush on Brendan Reed, a poor but impossibly good-looking classmate. Their senior year is almost over, so Becca takes matters into her own hands to get the guy she wants, even though he’s from the other side of the track.

When Becca and Brendan give it a shot, their lives are complicated by their best friends, both of whom make things difficult for the would-be lovebirds. Meanwhile, at home, Becca must also contend with her father, who has strong opinions about how she should live her life. Never mind that Becca is eighteen and can make her own decisions. 

It seems everyone in town has an opinion, good or bad, about the budding relationship between Becca and Brendan. As long as anyone in Star’s Haven can remember, the Posh and the Common do not mix. No one knows that better than Becca, but she chooses to follow her heart anyway. 

In this retelling of Pretty In Pink, two teens find the courage to follow their hearts, even when the people closest to them keep telling them it’s not worth it. All Becca and Brendan want is the chance to find out for themselves.