Mirror of the Body

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Mercury ??? a highly toxic element ??? has played a central theme in Dr. Rota???s life. ???Silver??? fillings contain 50 % mercury. Mercury made him sick, causing Chronic Fatigue, depression and Epstein-Barr Syndrome, and more.

As a pioneer in dentistry, Dr. Rota stands by the importance of safe mercury removal protocols. Mirror of the Body chronicles his life, delving deep into the Amalgam Wars and scientific evidence,
offering dentists, health professionals, and consumers an expert and revelatory view on the toxins in dentistry and their effect on the rest of the body.

Dr. Rota answers questions that the American Dental Association may not want you to ask: ??Why don’t dentists know or speak about the toxicity of mercury in the dental filling? What is the scientific basis for the positions of both the ADA and anti-mercury filling groups? How are “silver” dental fillings related to chronic disease?
He is sharing his uncommon story about biological dentistry…