Love Against All Odds: Inspirational Stories of Enduring Love

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Destiny by chance???In a breath of a moment,??Destiny loses everything she cares anything??about; her son, her husband, her faith and even herself. How does one overcome??the guilt??of still being alive??? Will the pain she encounters on the road to recovery be too much to bear or is she strong enough to begin again? Is??her??tattered heart??truly closed off forever, or??is??there really another chance?

In Letters from Becca???Becca was John’s best friend and first love; every memory that meant anything she was part of???her letters are all he has left. After twenty years a last last letter arrives. She is dying and wants to say goodbye. Every mile, every memory, every letter brings him closer to her; letters filled with treasured and painful memories; fragile memories of abandonment, betrayal, marriage, death. Can she forgive him? Can he forgive himself? Or is he already too late?

In Meeting Melissa???Melissa believes in miracles because she is one. Orphaned at birth with HIV, the precocious twelve-year old never gives up hope. Julie???s life doesn???t feel so perfect. Something???s missing. Until she meets Melissa. Peter is a middle-aged country singer who needs a little miracle in his life. He???s lost and alone??? until he meets Melissa. How can one young girl change so many lives? Meeting Melissa is a fun, sassy romance filled with first kisses and first true loves; a sweet mix of romantic interludes that will make you laugh and cry. Isn???t it time you met Melissa?

Three edgy and intense romantic tales of loves lost and loves found that will stay with you for years to come.