Are you carrying a heavy load?

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Lose the Baggage

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???Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight: a woman-to-woman recipe for life is not only a tool to help you look and become healthier and happier; it is one courageous woman???s journey from the ???outside in!??? Poignant and powerful!???
???Joan Bryden, host of the syndicated show “Turn of the Page.”

Baggage: We all have it. From the time we take our first steps, our experiences, our families, our friends, and acquaintances all help to determine the paths we take and the person we become. As we pack our virtual suitcase, we sometimes fold in some heavy burdens. If the load is getting heavy, it is time to open up the bag and see what???s in there. Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight, is a book about using your life and your experiences to create positive change.

Whether you are struggling with a difficult time in your life, a weight problem or an addiction, this is the book for you. The exercises and information provided will help you make positive changes in your life. Changes that will last a lifetime.