Legend: A Cinderella Retelling

War is waging at the border of the Kingdom of Dalry, but Cassie Alasdair is about to come eye to eye with an even more powerful enemy.??


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After the last war, when magic destroyed half the world, four queens were given the chance to rule in peace, abolishing the arcane use. The remaining land was split into four kingdoms, and harmony became the main objective. For a century, the Kingdom of Dalry has lived with its neighbors without issue, but that is about to change.

Living simply, as the new kingdom dictates, Cassie is used to the days of cleaning up after her annoying stepmother and diabolical step-siblings. For the most part, she’s able to ignore her father’s flighty dismissal. However, the approaching war and a new friend remind her of how much she misses the family she used to have.

Simon is on his way to enter the war and gain his father’s approval. He doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines while others fight the battles he’s more than capable of joining. When he meets Cassie, he begins to wonder what his life will look like after the war ends.

With her father and Simon gone, Cassie becomes involved in another war. An evil witch, set on revenge, takes her hostage. She’s the key to a spell more than two decades in the making. Her only choice is to go along with the plan until she can get free.

The witch has waited a long time to enact her revenge. In a kingdom where magic is outlawed, she had to go into hiding but not before she swore to retaliate against the man who broke her heart. With Cassie, she will be able to rely on a formidable opponent to deliver her vengeance.

Now, Cassie must find a way to defeat the malevolent witch and her resurrected adversary before she loses far more than her glass slippers.

*Updated with new scenes, format, and now novel length.*