Suggested reading for this weekend! Killer Secrets

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With bills to pay, an orphaned niece to raise and her job on the line, Gemma Fitzgibbons needs a front-page story in order to keep her job. A serial killer and a corrupt detective, whose father was accused of corruption, offer headline possibilities, but when she confronts Jack Donahue, the detective is nothing like she expected.

Jack considers reporters to be bottom-feeders, and deep into the investigation of a series of murders in which the victim is posed with a wedding veil, he doesn???t have the time or inclination to delve into the scandal that ruined his father???s career. But Gemma won???t take no for an answer. Neither will she stop investigating the Wedding Veil Killer. When she attracts the attention of the killer, Jack is assigned to keep her safe. But Gemma isn???t about to hide away. She intends to use the leads she???s developed to help him track down the person responsible for the gruesome murders.

Torn between his dislike of reporters and his admiration for the smart, sexy, reporter he???s drawn deeper into the scandal in his father???s past???a scandal that someone will kill to keep hidden.

But, when Gemma uncovers secrets about the scandal, and her life is threatened, Jack is determined to protect her. It???s also time to make a choice???leave the past buried or fight for the future.

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