JATISMAR – Sweet and exciting!

he’s hellbent on getting it right.??


Remembering his past life isn’t a perk for this jatismar. Actually, it’s one of Jay’s curses–as he’s in constant battle fighting to remember which lifetime he is living. But one thing is for certain, no matter what life he’s in: Jay Kalan will stop at nothing until he gets revenge for the deaths of his wife and daughter.

When ten-year-old Hannah enters his life, there’s a familiarity in her that Jay’s determined to uncover. But Hannah will do everything she can to help Jay– while still protecting her new family. As the secrets begin to unfold, revenge and forgiveness blur. Suddenly, Jay’s circle of friends and enemies becomes skewed, and he’s unsure of who he can trust. With the help of Hannah and a strong father-figure, will he let go of his desire for revenge or will his past destroy any future happiness he may have?

Continue the journey with your favorite Doveland characters as their Karass grows and their unique gifts evolve. It’s a quest for community and togetherness that you won’t want to miss.

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