Immerse yourself in Regency Christmas love and kisses! 5 delightful stories!

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Lady Theodora???s Christmas Wish

For Lady Theodora Rockingham life is wonderful. She is finally officially the Earl???s daughter, she has turned seventeen, she has a dressing room full of new clothes, and there is to be a Christmas Ball. All she needs now is to meet a handsome man at the Ball, and fall in love. So she makes a Christmas Wish. Chase Harringdon, newly the Duke of Montford, is still adjusting to giving up the rakish ways that he pursued as the Marquess of Travers. But a Duke needs an heir, and that requires a suitable Lady. He just hasn???t seen one that he???s the slightest bit interested in. Until the Christmas Ball. Will Lady Theodora???s Christmas Wish come true? Will the Duke finally find a woman he can love? Find out in this delightful Christmas story.

The Earl???s Missing Christmas Heir

Lady???s maid Justina Stanley is stunned to discover she is the missing heir to the Earl of Rosedale???s fortune. Solicitor Stephen Montgomery guides her through this startling life transition. Justina considers him a dear friend. Sometimes, he seems to be even more??? But all is not well. Justina???s two half-sisters resent her and set out to make her life a complete misery. When the Duke of Wockshire falls for Justina, her half-sisters??? resentment knows no bounds. But the Duke harbors a secret. When his true intentions are exposed, Justina is directly in his line of fire.

Just One Christmas Kiss

It is Lady Matilda Darcy’s first Christmas since the fire ??? her first Christmas without her parents, the Marquis and Marchioness of Dartmount. She has just her little brother Clarence and her dour Aunt Alda, who thinks that Christmas decorations are a useless frivolity. Aunt Alda refuses to have a Christmas Ball at her home. Matilda wheedles her way into hanging a single Christmas ornament: a Christmas mistletoe, but what is the use? No one will kiss her under it. Matilda desperately wants to feel loved, and just one Christmas Kiss would make a Merry Christmas for Matilda. Neville Kronel, Lord Barrington, has recently inherited his title, and the rather outdated mansion and estate that came with it. He has successfully managed to avoid his neighbours, until he chances to meet Matilda, walking in the woods. And then Aunt Alda persuades him to host the Christmas Ball. But who will he celebrate with? Christmas kisses really do change everything???..

A Christmas Surprise

Silas Reeves, Duke of Norholm, wounded at Waterloo, returned home so close to death that he collapsed on the road and was found, face down in the snow, by a local doctor, who, with his daughter Louisa, nursed Silas back to health in their home. Although he stayed at their home for weeks, recovering, he hid the fact that he was the Duke, after hearing Louisa talk angrily of how his family had ruined her sister’s life. Unable to face her condemnation, he tells a lie about his identity. But, slowly, Louisa and the Duke grow fond of each other. Will the Duke confide the secret of his identity? Will Louisa be able to forgive him for not telling the truth?

The Duke???s Christmas Blessing

Patrick Hann, Duke of Cumberland, has made a habit of falling in love. But this time is different ??? this time he intends to propose. His best friend, Andrew Curtis, Earl of Armagh, is quite certain that the Duke has chosen the wrong woman ??? for he has seen, with his own eyes, the lady in question, in a rather scandalous circumstance. But how can he tell Patrick the truth? When Lady Diana, the woman in question, is injured in a carriage accident, events are set in motion that result in unexpected meetings, unlooked for love, a terrible scandal and the pain of choosing duty over love. Can the Duke find happiness? Or will he be deceived, and forced to abandon his true love?