A Ship-Load of Sea Stories

Stories by Larry Laswell
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A short humorous read! Just for fun, seriously.

In the finest tradition of the United States Navy, Larry shares his navy experiences in A Ship-Load of Sea Stories & 1 Fairy Tale. Along the way, Larry answers all the questions you never thought to ask, including:

??? What should you remember not to forget just before a jetliner lands on you?
??? How do you avoid KGB kidnappers at lunchtime?
??? What happens when you throw an egg through a radar beam, and what happens if you miss?
??? Where???s The Shrubbery Inn, and why is it so cheap?
??? How do you cheat on navy exams, honestly?
??? What???s the best way to get stoned without breaking any regulations?
??? Why do things get complicated when you enlist in the navy while wearing your army uniform?
??? Why do economic forces indicate that a navy career is a better choice than an army career?
??? What shouldn???t you drink while watching Clint Eastwood in A Fistful of Dollars?
??? Did peace ever rule…