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Most everyone has hopes and dreams of a life that is secure and happy.

Ellen Flannery was no different. She dreamed of a better life, a life that would finally be secure and happy. A life where she would never have to do without life???s basic necessities again.
Her family struggled with all the harrowing misery that the Great Depression of the thirties put people and their families through. Just as she thought that things were getting better, she is struck by a life changing tragedy that impacts all her plans and the daily lives of her family. Her plans for college are no longer possible and with the help of her friend and mentor she is able to secure a job for the summer.
By the end of the summer, she is on a different path, one that eventually leads to financial security, a budding career, and the love of one of Stafford???s most eligible bachelors. Everything that she had dreamed of was at her beckon call in just a few short months. A fairy tale wedding, part of…