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A Few Simple Habits Will Get You Fit and Healthy
(Even If You Have No Time for Exercise and Don???t Like Diets)

What if you could shed excessive pounds simply by living your life? What if you could forget about ever needing sick leave? Wouldn???t you like to be the Energizer Bunny in your own life, every day?

Bulletproof Health and Fitness is a book for average people who can’t suddenly switch to an extreme diet – or don???t want to – and can???t sweat in the gym for 20 hours per week.
Michal Stawicki can do 150+ pushups and 40+ pullups; he hasn???t been off work sick since July 2013. And, like any ordinary man, he also has a life to live: a day job, wife and kids, church obligations, a daily 3-4 hour commute and random disasters (a broken furnace, flat tire, delayed trains, children’s illnesses…)
In Bulletproof Health and Fitness, he shares his down-to-earth approach for losing weight, getting and staying fit, and keeping his health optimal.