Highly entertaining Paranormal and Urban story!

Mr. Goddard's Menagerie (Zuri Tales, book 1)Get it on Amazon!

Zuri LaCrosse is a special young lady. In fact, she might even be considered ??? collectible?

Although she is infected with the werewolf virus, she tries to live a normal life until she meets a strange old man named Goddard on a dusty desert highway. He lures her into his house where she is held captive. Goddard promises her a new and better life, but can he tame her feral ways and transform her from a scruffy country werewolf into an elegant young lady? And who???or what???is making those strange and terrifying noises in the locked room upstairs?

Zuri must either find a way to escape captivity, or give up her freedom to become a cherished and pampered pet in Mr. Goddard???s Menagerie!